comes with steamed rice

Chicken TeriyakiGyozaChicken Teriyaki & GyozaChicken Teriyaki & Egg RollChicken Teriyaki & Spring RollChicken Teriyaki & TofuTofu Teriyaki (no chicken) $7.25$7.25$8.25$8.25$8.25$8.25$7.25 T1T2T3T4T5T6T7

- – - – - – - – -also available with spicy tastes

Fired Rice

stir-fried rice with…

ChickenPorkBeefShrimpVegetableTofuCombinationJalapeno ChickenBacon $7.25$7.25$7.75$7.75$7.15$7.25$8.75$7.99$8.50 F1F2F3F4F5F6F7F9F10

Noodle Salad Bowls

Grilled Prawn & PorkJulienne Por, Grilled Pork, Fried RollGrilled ChickenGrilled Pork & Fired RollGrilled BeefTofu $7.25$7.50$7.25$7.25$7.75$7.25 252631323435

Speciality Soups

Bun Bo Hue (beef, pork, ham)Soon Doo Bu (soft tofu)PhoTai Specialist (hot spicy soup)Gyoza & BroccoliBo Kho (carrot beef stew)Seafood Soup $7.99$7.99$7.99$7.25(M) – $8.25(L)$7.25$6.50(M) – $7.50(L) 124813472733


Fried RollSpring RollFried TofuFried Gyoza $1.99$1.99$5.25$5.25 2830A12A13


comes with steamed rice

PorkChicken $8.25$8.25 T8T9

Kung Pao

comes with steamed rice

ChickenTofuBeefSeafood $7.25$7.25$7.99$7.99 C1CC1TC1BC1S

Stir-fried Broccoli

comes with steamed rice

ChickenTofuBeefSeafood $7.25$7.25$7.99$7.99 C4CC4TC4BC4S


fried egg-noodles with …

ChickenTofuBeefSeafood $7.25$7.25$7.99$7.99 C3CC3TC3BC3S

Pad Thai

fried rice-noodles with …

ChickenTofuBeefSeafood $7.25$7.25$7.99$7.99 C5CC5TC5BC5S

Rice Plates

comes with steamed rice

Pork & eggChickenPorkBeef $7.25$7.25$7.25$7.75 22232429

Rice Flakes

stir-fried rice flakes with…

ChickenTofuBeefSeafood $7.25$7.25$7.99$7.99 C6CC6TC6BC6S


French bread with …

Grilled ChickenSpicy ChickenGrilled PorkSpicy Pork $4.50$4.50$4.50$4.50 70C70CS70P70pS

Wide Rice Noodles

stir-fried wide noodles with…

ChickenTofuBeefShrimp $7.25$7.25$8.25$8.25 C7CC7TC7BC7S

Rice Pasta

stir-fried rice pasta with…

ChickenTofuBeefShrimp $7.25$7.25$8.25$8.25 C8CC8TC8BC8S

Side Orders

Friend friesOnion ringsChicken nuggetsMozzarella cheese sticksChicken wings & chipsMozzarella cheese & chipsChicken nuggets & chipsPrawns tempura $3.25$3.70$5.25$4.70$7.25$6.25$5.25$8.70 A1A2A3A4A5A6A7A9